Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Center, compartmental or non-compartmental type with Form II to 3B internal separation, is a free standing design that is available for indoor application. The degree of protection is in accordance with IEC 60529.

Motor Control Center is subdivided in three functional compartments. The busbar compartment, where the main horizontal and vertical busbars are located, the equipment compartment, where the electrical component is located and the cable compartment, where the termination is located which is designed for fast and comfortable cabling.

Technical Data
Standards Comply with EDD Specification, IEC 60439-1/61439
or any other Project Specification
Ratings Upto 6400A, Fixed Type
Incoming ACB/MCCB/Isolator
Outgoing DOL Starter/Star Delta Starter/Soft Starter
Construction Minimum Sheet Thickness 2.00mm with adequate ventilation
Finish Highly durable Polyester Powder Coated